Business travel is aplenty in Singapore. However, the hustle and bustle of the big city make finding breathing space and alone time a challenge.

Furthermore, with the ever-spiking cost of rent in the space-scarce lion city, travellers know that smart budgeting is the way to go to avoid unnecessary spending. While co-living might be a strategic way to cope with these costs, the trend of single dwellers has been on the rise amongst business travellers. Not only can they enjoy personal freedom, but they have everything they need conveniently in a space that is just big enough for them.

If you are travelling solo and you are looking for a cosy yet functional place to stay during your visit, why not give our 1-bedroom serviced apartments a try?

ST Residences has a wide variety of accommodations for travellers in Singapore. Our range of 1-bedroom serviced apartments are ideal for single dwellers who want a simple yet homely living space.

Benefits of Staying in a 1-bedroom Serviced Apartment

What makes solo dwelling in a 1-bedroom serviced apartment common these days?

1) Less Cleaning
Residents in 1-bedroom serviced apartments generally have less to floor space to clean. One could only need to clean the bathroom and bedroom.

This type of living space is ideal for individuals who spend most of their days out in the city area and do not have enough time to clean the apartment every day.

2) Minimalist Way of Living
You might think that 1-bedroom serviced apartments are too small for you to store your items. But this allows you to downsize and declutter. This way, you will have less mess and enjoy easier cleaning.

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