Looking for accommodation in Singapore? Why not consider staying in Tiong Bahru?

Regarded as one of the lion city's oldest neighbourhoods, Tiong Bahru is a residential area with its own unique charm. With pre-war shophouses, luxurious condominiums, hip cafes, and lively food markets, Tiong Bahru marries lifestyles from the new and old-world.

If there is one place to experience the historical and modern culture, it is none another than Tiong Bahru!

ST Residences has a full range of serviced apartments available for rental. Perfect for business and leisure travellers, our apartments are located near the central business district and shopping hubs, which are easily accessible via private car hire or public transport.

Why Should You Stay in Tiong Bahru?

What makes Tiong Bahru a happening place for locals and a popular place amongst visitors?

1) Rustic cafes and hawker centres

If there is anything Singapore is known for, it is being a food paradise. No trip to Singapore is complete without having a taste of some local delights like fried carrot cake and a visit to some of its quiet cafes.

Tiong Bahru offers both local food and indie cafe culture - all within walking distance from ST Residences' serviced apartments.

2) Experience Local Heritage

Tiong Bahru used to be a swampy burial ground. While it has now been transformed into a modern residential space with urbanisation and development, Tiong Bahru still carries some semblance of its historical roots.

There are free guided walking tours conducted by volunteers on the first weekend of each month to introduce visitors to the neighbourhood. If you would like to hear from the locals about the story of Tiong Bahru during your stay, make sure you attend them!

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